Nearshore Services

Nearshoring Services: IT Smart Sourcing

The current economic environment is forcing enterprise buyers of IT services to reprioritize and reevaluate their initiatives. Buyers need to cut costs and are seeking high-impact, near-term results from services engagements. There is a clear shift in sourcing decisions emphasizing the need for cost reduction and productivity increases, and there is an agreement in the marketplace that increasing the level of offshore services is the best way to go.

In addition to cutting costs, companies have much to gain by taking an approach to IT services and outsourcing that fosters both excellence and innovation. Such an approach has been called "smartsourcing", and its drivers include not only cutting costs but also increasing innovation, strategic excellence and most important, trust-based relationships.

Why Nearshoring?

Nearshoring is a desirable service option that provides an important IT smartsourcing advantage. It means getting sourcing services from companies in a nearby country. In the U.S., nearshoring describes work sent to Mexico or Canada.

Why Mexico?

México is a true nearshore smartsourcing destination. U.S. companies outsourcing to México benefit from the advantages of real geographical proximity, shared time-zone, familiar culture, similar values, education programs and a large pool of highly skilled professionals. The cost of labor, real estate, infrastructure and telecommunications is much lower in México than in Canada.

Additional advantages derive from México being a part of NAFTA, the North America Free Trade Agreement, and thus providing the business benefits that come with political stability, a defined framework providing legal and IP protection, and almost no working visa restrictions.

Nearshoring IT services to Mexico proves that you don't have to lose control over your projects to be cost-effective and core focused. The proximity of the Mexican IT delivery centers to the US enables a "Follow the sun" work discipline, reduces time travel, and significantly lowers the cost of face-to-face meetings, thus fostering the creation of long term, trust-based relationships.

Our IT Nearshoring Services

Our PartnersMarket team members have extensive experience in managing IT projects for leading US IT service providers. To better serve our US clients, PartnersMarket has established strategic partnerships with top IT service providers in Mexico that deliver high quality IT solutions at offshore costs, offering all the advantages of our true nearshore resources.

The IT Nearshoring Services we provide include:

  • Application Development Services
    • Fixed Cost Projects
    • Staff Augmentation
  • Testing Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Recruiting and HR services in Mexico

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