Go-To-Market Services

We develop marketing campaigns for your firm, design an Integrated Communications plan to support them and build the required collateral to project the desired company image and communicate your value proposition.

PartnersMarket was not just a consulting firm but a full partner to the success of Hildebrando in the US. The efficiency and excellent skills of the PartnersMarket consulting team consistently exceeded our expectations and enabled Hildebrando to rapidly establish a leadership position in the US IT services marketplace.

Daniel Gonzalez, CEO Hildebrando US

Integrated Communication Services: We create an Integrated Communications plan for your firm and build the deliverables that will support your marketing campaigns and project the desired image while communicating the offering values. The plan consists of building the message set and collateral, which includes fact sheets, brochures, white papers, presentations and Web seminars, and PR such as press releases, publications and analyst relations, advertising in select media, Web site development and maintenance, field sales training materials and event marketing.

Marketing Campaign Services: We help you create and execute your company’s marketing campaigns based on your objectives by generating new leads, launching a new product or service, hitting your target market with a special offer, while always enancing your firm’s brand equity. We measure the results of the campaign activities and we continually improve them.

MexicoIT, the organization promoting the Mexican IT industry in the US – a PartnersMarket client – was recently honored with the United Business Media “Outsourcing Marketing Excellence 2008 Award”

Strategic Partnership Development: Strategic partnerships enable your company to extend the reach of its business opportunities by providing a wider range of services to your clients and closing the gap between the firm’s objectives and its resources and capabilities. Thus, partnerships can open effective routes to market for your company’s offerings.

We help your company to define and develop the most effective routes to market for its products and services by establishing strategic partnerships with companies that complement your firm’s competencies and resources.

In 2008, Daniel Tkach, PartnersMarket’s CEO, coached 200 executives of Mexican IT companies on Marketing Planning and Go-to-Market, including Strategic Partnership Development skills. The executives evaluated the coaching they received very highly. See: