Marketing as a Service

Marketing as a Service

"The outsourcing of marketing activities is catching on; in fact, in a recent poll of marketing executives, 53 percent reported plans to outsource most of their marketing activities. The benefits to business include cost savings and improved quality." Gail J. McGovern, Harvard Business School

Marketing as a Service™

Marketing as a Service™ is our way of providing companies with the marketing services they need to stay competitive and take advantage of marketing opportunities. It is a modular, on-demand service that enables marketing to become a variable expense rather than a fixed cost. Companies can contract only the marketing activities they need and thus complement and expand the resources of their internal marketing departments in a cost-effective way.

Marketing as a Service ™ provides companies with on-demand Strategic Marketing and Go-to-Market Services that embody the best practices for Marketing Strategy Definition and Validation, Market Research and Segmentation, Competitive Analysis, Collateral and Web Design, Partnership Development, Campaign Planning and Execution and Sales Support.

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