Daniel Tkach, CEO

Daniel Tkach is CEO of PartnersMarket Consulting, Inc. Previously he was VP of Marketing with Sinapsis USA and Senior Director of Outbound Marketing with Tasman Networks and AI Tech Software.

Mr. Tkach held senior marketing positions with Oracle and IBM. He was Principal and Practice Leader with IBM Global Services and served as Director of Technology of the IBM Institute for Knowledge Management.

Mr. Tkach is currently providing complete marketing outsourcing service for several IT companies and is the strategic marketing
advisor for the Mexico IT nearshoring sourcing program.

Daniel Tkach earned an MBA (Pepperdine University), a Master of Science in Computer Science (Stanford University and CSU Chico), and a postgraduate degree in Electrical Engineering (Eindhoven University, Holland). He’s authored many white papers and journal articles and two books with Addison Wesley on Application Development with Object Technology. He is an invited speaker to many conferences.