“A market downturn is a disrupter that creates great marketing and sales opportunities for organizations prepared to take advantage with the right products, services and marketing program.” Gartner, 2009

A Very Cost Effective Solution to Today’s Marketing Imperatives

In today’s economic conditions, companies realize that to sustain profitable growth they can neither ignore their market nor their customers, even as they need to reduce their operating costs.

In a recession, marketing is more important than ever: you need a clear focus on market segments and target customers. You must understand who your customers are and what their needs are. If you do not correctly select your target customers, and if you cannot describe the value required by them, you cannot deliver it.

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IT Nearshoring Solutions: Cost Reduction, Control and Trust

Cost savings are the most important benefit that companies expect to achieve from ITO and BPO projects, an IDC report indicates. The same report states that loss of control over projects is the greatest challenge these companies face.

Nearshoring, meaning sourcing from a nearshore country such as Mexico, facilitates the establishment of effective control with much less overhead cost than in a far-shore location. Geographical proximity enables control, face-to-face communications and resource verification, and thereby fosters trust.

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